Plant Variety Pack

12 Plant-Based Protein Bars

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Plant Variety Pack

Protein Bars

We know choosing between Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter can be tough, so we decided to offer both with this flavorful variety pack. Our Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter plant-based protein bars are made with a few simple ingredients like gluten-free oats, dates, and nuts. They also contain 10g of plant-based protein in each bar so you can incorporate more plant-based foods into your everyday routine.

And to add some variety to your snacking options, RXBAR Plant comes with an entirely new taste and texture in comparison to our classic RXBAR. With the addition of oats, each bar features a soft, delicious texture combined with irresistible flavor to mix up your snacking routine.

Enjoy it at home, take it on the go with you, or have it as a pre/post workout snack. And start planting good habits with RXBAR Plant.

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